“I’m Jack, the revolutionary cleaning puck.”

I erase scuffs, stains, and dirt easily using only water! I am built to tackle both residential and tough industrial cleaning!

Get “Jacked” about cleaning!


Not to brag, but my technology gives me superior power to clean safely while restoring surfaces.


I’m tough. My unique design provides even pressure when cleaning, so I don’t fall apart. When I wear down, just grab my clone and carry on. I don’t cost much, but I am invaluable!


I am environmentally friendly! All I need is water to activate my cleaning power! I don’t use damaging solvents or harmful chemicals.


Pair me with a buffer and we are an all-star team! I’m ergonomically designed and work effectively in your hand too!

The Cleaner Eraser Applications

Use me virtually anywhere you want to sparkle!

  • Automobiles

  • Boats

  • RVs

  • Home

  • Office

  • Bowling Balls

  • Hockey

My Velcro back makes me the perfect tool for airplane, boat, and RV detailing companies, auto body shops, cleaning contractors, and any other company that’s in the business of making things sparkle!

I can be attached to buffing machines or telescoping wands to erase tough stains out of virtually any surface or hard-to-reach area.
I am very durable and will save you money month after month on cleaning costs!

Meet my family – together we can tackle any project!